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How Can I Work for Golden Transcription Services?

Are you looking for employment that offers flexibility and a low-stress work environment?  Do you have children at home that you'd like to spend more time with?  A job as a typist or text analyst may be exactly what you're looking for!  Golden Transcription Services offers opportunities for women and men who are looking for a supplemental income that can be done primarily from a home office (occasional meeting attendance may be requested).
We are not a "work at home" scam...we are a legitimate business registered to do business with the state of Virginia, employing typists and researchers on a contract basis to work on meetings for governmental and research entities, such as boards of supervisors, city councils, colleges, etc.  Golden Transcription Services pays typists by the hour of recorded if you are a fast typist, your hourly rate will be higher!  Most of our typists make a minimum of $20 per hour, with rate increases offered annually and commensurate to typing speed as it takes less time to complete a meeting.  All you need is a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system, and we will provide the software and foot pedal needed to perform transcription.
If you are a professional with experience in text mining, coding and/or qualitative analysis, we have both independent and team opportunities to utilize your research and writing skills.  These projects pay an average of $35-50 per hour, depending on the specific job requirements and your level of experience.
To learn more about employment with Golden Transcription Services, please fill out the form under "Contact Us" and provide a brief summary of your background, hours per week available, and length of commitment (i.e. one year, permanent, etc.)  We will contact you as necessary to request a full resume. 
Thank you for your interest!!