Rate Structure

This is the general framework by which we develop estimates; costs shown are per hour of recorded audio. Our staffing time estimate is 1:5, based on the transcription industry standard ratio of 1:4 (1 audio hour to 4 transcription hours) plus an additional 1:1 hour for editing.

Transcription type 5-day / 7-day / 10-day turnaround time  
Verbatim $225.00 / $205.00 / $185.00
Detailed summary $185.00 / $165.00 / $145.00
Sketch summary $145.00 / $125.00 / $125.00
Additional speakers No charge/unlimited
Editing No charge
Client style sheet No charge
Archive – one year No charge
Please note that these are just guidelines, and each quote is customized to the client based on project details and desired turnaround times.